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Need some work done? Let our team of professional experts handle that for you. Wedges and Woods we can do it all in-house!

Please call the store if you need any more information.

The TeeHouse Complex offers the most professional club repair in the area. We have a vast array of options for golfers from every skill level.

  • Custom made and custom fit clubs

  • Re-gripping -- all varieties of grips are offered (Winn, Lamkin, Golf Pride, etc...)

  • Re-shafting -- graphite or steel, irons/woods

  • Loft & Lie Adjustments

  • Shaft "Spining" -- for accuracy or distance

  • Re-Set Head -- irons/woods

  • Shorten Clubs

  • Club Extensions -- graphite or steel


Reshaft  Steel

Standard Shaft Install Graphite

Bore Through Shaft Install

Remove Shaft

Shaft Extension

Loft & Lie Adjustment

Putter Lie Adjustment

Shorten Shaft

Grip Install (bring your own)

Grip Install     

Reshaft (set of 8)

Save Shaft

Iron Set Fitting



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